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The dedicated, expert team at Stormseal South West provides and fits high-quality conservatories to homes in Plymouth and surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall.

Stormseal South West supplies and fits a wide range of attractive conservatories in many different designs to suit your home. From traditional styles with modern design, to bespoke conservatories which take unusual dimensions and spaces into account, we can handle it all.

Benefits of a Conservatory

Have you been thinking about the perks of adding a conservatory to your house? Many people see conservatories as an investment in their property’s value, and they’re right to do so. When shopping around for a property, buyers see conservatories as a valuable extra.

But if you’ve not got plans to move on any time soon, a conservatory is still hugely beneficial. You’ll get more space to enjoy, not to mention a light, bright and airy place to enjoy your downtime. Love your garden? You can admire it all year round when you have a conservatory to relax in. Rain, cold winds and even overwhelming heat aren’t a problem; your conservatory provides a beautiful spot in which you can relax in total comfort.

As for uses, many people use their conservatory as a dining area, while others simply view it as an extra spot in which to unwind. All in all, a conservatory is undeniably a fantastic addition to any home, adding value and boosting your quality of life.

Conservatory Styles

With our conservatory extensions available in a broad range of styles to suit all properties, selecting a suitable conservatory for your home that matches the existing design and style elements and meets your needs is, generally speaking, a doddle.

However, if you’re unsure of the style you want or could use a little guidance, you can always rely upon Stormseal Southwest to assist you. We even provide a free conservatory design service, so get in touch for a free, no-obligation conservatory consultation.

Conservatory Plymouth Interior

Characterised by a flat gable end with a rectangular footprint enabling homeowners to maximise available space and flexibly arrange their furniture, our Edwardian conservatories are available in dwarf-wall and full glass-to-ground wall design …

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Also known as Mediterranean conservatories or sun rooms, our popular lean-to conservatories are stylish, option-laden and perfect for limited outdoor spaces and homeowners on a budget. You can choose between a steep or shallow-pitched roof.

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Stormseal caters for all homeowners interested in bespoke conservatory designs. You can mix and match these conservatory styles to create something wonderfully unique – L-shape, L-shape lean-to, P-shape and T-shape conservatories.

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Traditional conservatory design plymouth

Tiled or slate roof conservatories popular for their structural certification and notable energy efficient properties, our traditional roof conservatories are beautifully temperate all year round and are therefore cool in summer and warm in …

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Victorian conservatories plymouth

Characterised by a rounded-end appearance with either three or five straight facets, a bay front, steeply pitched roof and beautifully ornate ridge detailing that harks back to bygone eras of grandeur, our Victorian conservatories are a classic …

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Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory Roofing Plymouth

Replacing your conservatory roof with a tiled roof represents a great investment in your home. Unlike conventional conservatories with polycarbonate or glass roofing, a Guardian™ Roof enables home owners to enjoy their conservatory throughout …

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Enhance Life at Home with a Conservatory

LivinRoof Conservatory

Adding a conservatory extension was once an option only for wealthy homeowners, but over the years as conservatory prices have fallen significantly, they’ve become a very common sight across the country, especially in the south.

For homeowners considering the addition of a lifestyle enhancing conservatory, the opportunity to create additional living space and have an additional room that offers year-round garden views is naturally one to make the very most of.

But with a number of conservatory designs and styles to select from, not to mention the ‘presumed costs’ involved, many put their plans on the backburner and never get around to enjoying all the outstanding benefits that adding a home conservatory has to offer.

Enhance Your Property Value

LivinROOF-Conservatory Roofing With Red Chairs

One of the common misconceptions about conservatory extensions is that homeowners don’t recuperate the costs involved when they sell their homes. This isn’t true at all, but it must be said that there are a number of factors that must be taken into account if you’re to recuperate what you’ve spent on a conservatory extension for your home.

As with any home extension, the conservatory extension you select must match the design and style aspects of your home, be of a high-quality, enhance the aesthetics, improve energy efficiency, feature a suitable layout with doors positioned to provide ease of access to your home’s interior as well as the garden and outdoor areas, and benefit from excellent insulation that makes it cool in summer and warm in winter.

When a conservatory has been designed to a tee and successfully enhances both living space and the aesthetics of the property, the homeowner can expect to get back everything they’ve spent on their conservatory. And perhaps quite a bit more.

Indoor Gardening and Garden Views

Patio doors with conservatory Plymouth

Conservatories have long been used for indoor gardening purposes during the winter months when plants would die if left outside. With effective insulation installed, the conservatory would be cool in summer and warm in winter, which enables all homeowners to grow herbs, flowers, and even vegetables, at home all year round.

Having indoor plants at home isn’t only aesthetically appealing, it’s actually very beneficial in many ways. Some of the benefits associated with houseplants include air purification, notable health benefits such as lower blood pressure and heart rates, increased oxygen levels, along with increased humidity which helps to prevent respiratory ailments.

What’s more, by adding a conservatory extension to your home, you’ll also enjoy views of the garden, providing you with a lovely sitting area to entertain family and friends. And if you opt for a full glass-to-ground wall design styled conservatory, the garden views you’ll enjoy will be totally unfettered and free of visual obstructions.

Natural Light All Year Round

LivinRoom Plymouth

Like houseplants, there are many notable benefits associated with increasing exposure to natural light, especially during the winter when the weather makes it unappealing to spend much time outdoors. With regard to human health, some of the many benefits associated with natural light include increased alertness, improved mood and better sleep patterns.

But the benefits of natural light aren’t limited to these important health benefits, as natural light is also good for your finances because it’s also known to help keep homes warmer all year round. That’s great news if you’d like to reduce your energy bills.

Create Extra Living Space

orangery conservatories plymouth

The additional living space that adding a conservatory can bestow upon your home can be used for a myriad of purposes including a home office, a games room, a guest bedroom, a study, a family room or a sitting room that enables you to enjoy views of your garden all year round. For homeowners who lack space and don’t wish to sell their home and move to a larger property, this truly is an excellent opportunity

Adding a conservatory extension to your residential property offers many benefits of note, plus you have many design styles and options to suit your property and your lifestyle to a tee. As the leading supplier and installer of conservatories in Plymouth and the surrounding areas of Devon and Cornwall, Stormseal Southwest is your go-to service provider for high-quality, lifestyle enhancing conservatory extensions.

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Choose from our comprehensive range of conservatory styles below and you’ll soon find the perfect conservatory for your property. From traditional Edwardian conservatories to stylish, modern Loggia conservatories from Ultraframe, we can help you plan your brand new conservatory from start to finish.

Stormseal is all about quality and, backed with Network VEKA’s 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best.

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