Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

bi folding doors plymouth

Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

If you’ve been wondering what sort of doors to install to bridge the gap between home and garden, bi-folding doors could be for you. One of the most versatile styles of patio doors, the bi-folding motion gives you complete control over how much fresh air you let into your home. Stacking neatly out of the way, the doors basically disappear when fully opened and give you an unfettered view into your garden space. Stormseal are a top choice for supplying and expertly installing bi-folding doors in Plymouth and the surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall – why not see if these are a feature that could enhance your home this year?

What are Bi-Folding Doors? Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

As the name suggests, bi-folding doors open with a folding motion rather than swinging on a hinge. Made up of multiple panels, folding doors can opened as far as you’d like them to, giving versatility to your living space and enhancing accessibility both inside and out. Bringing an open-plan element to your home whether you’re incorporating the doors on the interior or exterior, you’ll love the liberating feeling you get from sliding the doors open to change your perspective.

The Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

Bi-folding doors bring a little touch of luxury to your home without costing the earth. Many people who can’t afford a full conservatory can still benefit from bringing the outdoors into their home with an exterior bi-folding door. You don’t need to make big changes in your home to feel a big difference, and the addition of either an interior or exterior bi-folding door can radically change the feel and atmosphere of your home without a major undertaking of work or costs.

Whatever size your garden, make the most of if by inviting it into your home. The benefits of spending time outdoors – with the sounds of birds chirping and kids playing in the neighbouring gardens, the smell of family BBQ’s and the sweet floral fragrances of flowers in bloom, as well as the welcomed fresh air and sunlight – are felt in both your mental and physical health. If you prefer enjoying the garden from a window, bring your favourite chair to the threshold of your bi-folding doors and enjoy the view with renewed appreciation. Bi-folding doors are perfect for families or friendship groups who have different preferences – don’t be stuck indoors because one person is sensitive to sunlight, or stuck outdoors keeping an eye on the kids; introducing bi-folding doors means that you get the best of both worlds and everybody benefits.

What Sort of Home Benefits from Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth?

Bi-folding doors might look modern and flashy, but gone are the days when they’re only pitched at elite properties with deep-pocketed owners. Advancement in the building technology means that bi-folding doors have never been so affordable, making this dream a reality for a much wider range of home owners. While bi-folding doors seamlessly blend with a modern conservatory or recent renovation, you don’t have to live in a brand-new property to benefit from this adaptable addition to your home. Bespoke designs can be tailored to your home so that the finished product doesn’t look out of place, even on older properties. While some extensions can look erroneous on a period property, bi-folding doors are both dramatic and subtle, giving a fresh look to a wall of a property without introducing too many new materials and textures. The majority of the door is made from glass, giving a cutaway appearance to the exterior of the house like a generous window. With sleek fittings in a thin frame, you won’t find the addition intrusive even in the most delicate of property styles.

Where Can I Use Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors can be used on the interior or the exterior of the home. If you like the idea of open-plan living but don’t want to be stuck with a huge space that’s tricky to heat in the winter or cool in the summer, dividing the space with bi-folding doors could be the answer to your problems. Many people choose to use bi-folding doors to separate their main living space from their conservatory. If you have an old conservatory that isn’t very eco-friendly or efficient, you’ll notice the difference in being able to separate the space from your main living area in the colder months. If you’ve had a recent extension or new conservatory put on your house, or are thinking of making such an addition in years to come, bridging the gap with bi-folding doors will offer the most versatile outlook from your home.

As well as creating an easily opened partition between interior rooms, bi-folding doors are also a popular choice when it comes to creating a stylish entrance from your garden. Bring the outdoors into your sitting room with a dramatic sweep of glass, easily slid open to let in the breeze and sounds of nature. Being able to open up your dining area to the garden will give you the al fresco dining feel even if you don’t have a patio or garden furniture set. Don’t be stuck alone in the kitchen while everyone else is relaxing in the garden – fling open the bi-folding doors to seamlessly join together all members of the family. Exterior bi-folding doors are most utilized in the summer months, when garden parties and social gatherings see your home fill up with friends and warmth. Create the perfect party atmosphere and facilitate easy mingling by creating a big, welcoming space that gives the best of both worlds.