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When you’re getting work done on your property, you want to know that the tradespeople you employ to do the job are going to provide a professional service. Whether you’re updating your conservatory, replacing some patio doors or picking out new windows for your home, you want to feel confident that the work is going to be done to a good standard. At Stormseal Southwest ltd, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the expectations of our customers and have accrued a large number of positive reviews and testimonials over the years from our happy clients. Read on to discover what our previous customers loved about the Stormseal Southwest service, and why you should trust us when it comes to updating your home.

Read our Testimonials

If you want to read our full range of reviews and testimonials, they’re spread across different comparison websites and independent pages. On our Google business page, we have an average score of  4.1 stars out of 5, based on 11 reviews. On we’ve received over 100 reviews, achieving an average score of 10 out of 10 (based on recent reviews). On our Facebook page, our eleven reviews contribute to a score of 4.6 out of 5. Finally, you can read further reviews at the bottom of the homepage on the Stormseal Southwest website.

From Start to Finish

From the moment you contact us, we want you to experience the best of the Stormseal Southwest services on offer. This includes providing a free of charge, no obligation quotation service, which is something our happy customers have been pleased to mention in their reviews. Debbie Burgess, who left us a 5-star review on our Google page, said that “the service from the start, from when we first enquired, has been great. A no pressure quote and everybody we dealt with has been friendly, helpful, and helped to advise us on the best windows for our needs.” Glen Host, another reviewer on Google, said there was “No sales pressure, no nonsense, time-wasting sales talk or price playing around, which we had from other companies.” We’re so glad to know that our customers consider us highly when compared to our competitors.

In his five-star review, Paul Stevens said that we “Put the customer first.” Angie Bee, one of our Facebook reviewers, said that “From start to finish the whole process was seamless” when we helped turn her conservatory into a kitchen extension, after having previously worked on their windows and doors in a previous property. Sophie Henniker, another Facebook reviewer, said she received “Excellent customer service from start to finish.”

Quality Products and Workmanship

From the time you receive your quote to when the work is completed, we hope you’ll be impressed by the quality of workmanship at your property, as well as the top quality materials we use in all our home renovation projects. Will Davies was “Very pleased with the quality of the product” and JC was “Very pleased with the quality of workmanship, price, and quality of the windows.” A Plymouth customer who had a Guardian warm room added to their conservatory said in their Checkatrade review that we were “Hardworking, diligent, and courteous.”

Clean and Tidy

Heard horror stories of builders who turn up and leave the place in a mess? That’s not the kind of service you’ll get from Stormseal Southwest, and many of our customers remark on how we keep their properties clean and tidy both throughout the renovation and after the work has been finished. Will Davies said he was very pleased with “How the site was left (clean and tidy)”. Debbie Burgess said that our workmen were “Very clean, cleared up each day when they had finished”. On Checkatrade, we’ve scored 10 out of 10 for tidiness and always strive to keep your home clean during work as well as once the work is finished.


When John Welsford (a 5 star review left on Google) had his conservatory room replaced with a Guardian warm roof, he said that the fitters “undertook the work diligently and professionally” and that he “couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend these guys.” Debbie Burgess had all the windows at the rear of her property replaced, and said that “The two lovely guys that came to fit the windows were always on time, very friendly” and that she “would highly recommend them and will definitely be booking them for future projects.” Mark Doey, a five-star reviewer, said that we were “Very professional and courteous.”

Highly Recommended

A verified customer on Checkatrade who gave us a 10 out of 10 review on all counts, said that “the owner and his team are amazing and will go to any lengths to please! Excellent firm and very highly recommended!” Gary Richardson, a Facebook reviewer, said that our two workmen completed the work on his property to a “Really high standard and are both highly recommended.” Nichole Booker said that she “Would definitely recommend Stormseal” and that we “provided a sterling service.”


Whatever work you’re looking to get done on your property, from windows and doors to conservatories and porches, Stormseal Southwest ltd is a top choice for homeowners in Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help make your renovation dreams come true.

Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

If you’ve been wondering what sort of doors to install to bridge the gap between home and garden, bi-folding doors could be for you. One of the most versatile styles of patio doors, the bi-folding motion gives you complete control over how much fresh air you let into your home. Stacking neatly out of the way, the doors basically disappear when fully opened and give you an unfettered view into your garden space. Stormseal are a top choice for supplying and expertly installing bi-folding doors in Plymouth and the surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall – why not see if these are a feature that could enhance your home this year?

What are Bi-Folding Doors? Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

As the name suggests, bi-folding doors open with a folding motion rather than swinging on a hinge. Made up of multiple panels, folding doors can opened as far as you’d like them to, giving versatility to your living space and enhancing accessibility both inside and out. Bringing an open-plan element to your home whether you’re incorporating the doors on the interior or exterior, you’ll love the liberating feeling you get from sliding the doors open to change your perspective.

The Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth

Bi-folding doors bring a little touch of luxury to your home without costing the earth. Many people who can’t afford a full conservatory can still benefit from bringing the outdoors into their home with an exterior bi-folding door. You don’t need to make big changes in your home to feel a big difference, and the addition of either an interior or exterior bi-folding door can radically change the feel and atmosphere of your home without a major undertaking of work or costs.

Whatever size your garden, make the most of if by inviting it into your home. The benefits of spending time outdoors – with the sounds of birds chirping and kids playing in the neighbouring gardens, the smell of family BBQ’s and the sweet floral fragrances of flowers in bloom, as well as the welcomed fresh air and sunlight – are felt in both your mental and physical health. If you prefer enjoying the garden from a window, bring your favourite chair to the threshold of your bi-folding doors and enjoy the view with renewed appreciation. Bi-folding doors are perfect for families or friendship groups who have different preferences – don’t be stuck indoors because one person is sensitive to sunlight, or stuck outdoors keeping an eye on the kids; introducing bi-folding doors means that you get the best of both worlds and everybody benefits.

What Sort of Home Benefits from Bi-Folding Doors Plymouth?

Bi-folding doors might look modern and flashy, but gone are the days when they’re only pitched at elite properties with deep-pocketed owners. Advancement in the building technology means that bi-folding doors have never been so affordable, making this dream a reality for a much wider range of home owners. While bi-folding doors seamlessly blend with a modern conservatory or recent renovation, you don’t have to live in a brand-new property to benefit from this adaptable addition to your home. Bespoke designs can be tailored to your home so that the finished product doesn’t look out of place, even on older properties. While some extensions can look erroneous on a period property, bi-folding doors are both dramatic and subtle, giving a fresh look to a wall of a property without introducing too many new materials and textures. The majority of the door is made from glass, giving a cutaway appearance to the exterior of the house like a generous window. With sleek fittings in a thin frame, you won’t find the addition intrusive even in the most delicate of property styles.

Where Can I Use Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors can be used on the interior or the exterior of the home. If you like the idea of open-plan living but don’t want to be stuck with a huge space that’s tricky to heat in the winter or cool in the summer, dividing the space with bi-folding doors could be the answer to your problems. Many people choose to use bi-folding doors to separate their main living space from their conservatory. If you have an old conservatory that isn’t very eco-friendly or efficient, you’ll notice the difference in being able to separate the space from your main living area in the colder months. If you’ve had a recent extension or new conservatory put on your house, or are thinking of making such an addition in years to come, bridging the gap with bi-folding doors will offer the most versatile outlook from your home.

As well as creating an easily opened partition between interior rooms, bi-folding doors are also a popular choice when it comes to creating a stylish entrance from your garden. Bring the outdoors into your sitting room with a dramatic sweep of glass, easily slid open to let in the breeze and sounds of nature. Being able to open up your dining area to the garden will give you the al fresco dining feel even if you don’t have a patio or garden furniture set. Don’t be stuck alone in the kitchen while everyone else is relaxing in the garden – fling open the bi-folding doors to seamlessly join together all members of the family. Exterior bi-folding doors are most utilized in the summer months, when garden parties and social gatherings see your home fill up with friends and warmth. Create the perfect party atmosphere and facilitate easy mingling by creating a big, welcoming space that gives the best of both worlds.

Residential Doors In Plymouth

Residential Doors In Plymouth – Serving Devon and Cornwall

When guests arrive at your home and ring the doorbell, what do you want their first impression to be? Having a stylish and well-fitted front door can make all the difference to the way visitors approach your property. We can all bring to mind a home we know locally with a particularly memorable appearance, such as ‘the house with the bright yellow door’ or ‘the house with the novelty door knocker’. Whether you want a door that will subtly blend in with the rest of your property or something more original that will make a stunning impact, Stormseal can provide a range of residential doors in Plymouth to suit your needs. Stormseal are a top choice when it comes to having a new residential door fitted in Plymouth and the surrounding areas throughout Devon and Cornwall, so give us a call to find out more.

Appearance – Residential Doors In Plymouth (Serving Devon and Cornwal)

While we all want a front door that will keep our home safe and sound, the first thing that many of us think of when considering a residential door is the look of it. Some people want traditional doors whereas others would prefer to have a painted door in a bright and memorable colour. A solid door might seem the most security-conscious choice, but many people choose to have windows inserted in the door panel, with either clear glass or glazed, to let more light into your home and provide a window to the outside world. Whatever appearance you’re going for, Stormseal has options for you to consider. We can offer residential doors in rosewood, cherrywood and all white, as well as the option of having your door painted in your top choice from our wide range of colours.

Doors don’t come in just one standard size, and we have a range of sizes and styles to suit your entrance. Our doors are available in single or double styles with sidelights and fanlight combinations, so have a chat with one of our team members to see which style would be best for your home.

Security and Quality  – Residential Doors In Plymouth

Our standard residential doors are made of uPVC, which like all our products is covered by our 10-year warranty. However, if you’re keen to have a door that offers top of the range security and an even more impressive durability, you might want to consider one of our more advanced composite doors. Our doors are built with 70mm front-to-back multi-chambered profiles, and are available as either inward- or outward-opening designs. Many people choose to have advanced doorbell gadgets fitted on or around their doors to offer enhanced security, such as sensor activated cameras where you can answer the door even when away from home. If you’re thinking of having this sort of technology fitted in your home, have a chat with us about how this can work in with your new residential door.

Insulation – Residential Doors In Plymouth

Having a well-fitting door doesn’t just add curb appeal to your property and make it safer. If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly or cut your energy bills, addressing the access points into your home is a great first step in making a more environmentally happy home. The cost of heat loss through old doors and windows will make a noticeable difference in your energy bills. If your residential doors haven’t been updated for a while, having new ones fitted will save you money over time and keep your home much warmer in the winter months.

Extras – Residential Doors In Plymouth

Once you’ve chosen the size, style and colour of your residential door, there are a few other points to consider. If you haven’t already considered whether or not you’d like windows in the door, this is an important aspect to think about, as well as deciding what kind of glass you’d prefer. There are pros and cons to different types so have a chat with one of our team members to make the best decision for your home.

You should also consider what sort of letter box you’d like. You might think that all letterboxes are about the same, but take a look at the letter boxes on houses around you’ll local area and you’ll soon see that there are a variety of styles. As well as different materials and finishes, you need to choose the size, the positioning, and even the orientation – some people choose to have a vertical letter box rather than a horizontal one.

There are other additions to your front door that you might want to consider, such as the positioning of the doorbell or if you want to have a personalised doorknocker. There are all sorts of products on the market and fancy gadgets to make your home safe and welcoming, so have a think and consider all options before making your final decision.

Cost of uPVC Residential Door

The cost of your new residential door will depend on a number of factors, such as the style you choose, the ease of installation and other stylistic decisions. We understand that everyone has a different budget and different priorities; get in touch with us today and we’ll try to give you a ballpark quote based on your preferences. The team at Stormseal has ample experience when it comes to providing competitive quotes based on a few essential pieces of information.

Check  out our residential door page form more information <here>

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Patio door companies in Plymouth

Patio Door Companies in Plymouth

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful garden to enjoy, the best way to make the most of it is by improving the access to your garden directly from your house. Stepping out into a glorious, sunny space can be a let-down if you have to navigate old doors that stick when you try to open them, or where doors have been installed without the right consideration for different levels. Improve the outlook into your garden and the access into it by upgrading to some Stormseal SW patio doors, transforming the space with one simple feature. We are proud and confident to say we are one of the most experienced and established patio door companies in Devon and Cornwall.

Patio door companies in Plymouth and Devon


Benefits of Patio Doors

There are numerous patio door companies and types of doors that you can install to bridge the gap between house and garden and there are numerous patio door companies to choose from. Traditional wooden doors don’t offer much of an outlook, and French doors or bi-folding doors can be tricky to fit in tight spaces, where the swing of the door might impact furniture in the home or garden. One of the biggest benefits of the patio door is the sliding technology that allows you to open and close the doors without having to rearrange the furniture. At Stormseal SW we also offer Bi-fold doors, composite doors, French doors and Residential doors. More information see or doors section. Want some inspiration for your patio? Check this out, click here.

The smooth sliding mechanism makes for easy operation without any clunking sounds. Another benefit of the sliding door is that the surrounding frame is slimmer than those needed for French or bi-folding doors, meaning that you get even more sunlight pouring in through those huge panes of glass. The interlocking door panels mean that you won’t get draughts coming through cracks on windy days, and when the doors are open, they won’t swing about in a breeze either.

Are Patio Doors Safe?

People are sometimes concerned that patio doors pose a security risk to your house, as they give onlookers a large window into your home. Not only that, but a flimsy or poorly installed patio door might look like they’re easy to break into. At Stormseal SW, we are simply one of those patio door companies that put you first. We want to assure you that our patio doors are built with an anti-jacking system and four-point hook lock, offering our customers superior safety and peace of mind. All the patio doors we supply are covered by our 10-year guarantee, so you can rest assured that this is a product which will provide quality for years to come.

If you’re concerned about the view into your home being exposed by installing large doors, you could consider fitting curtains or blinds inside your home to shield the view from onlookers. The reinforced uPVC frames of the patio doors give superb weather protection and heat conservation for your home, but if you feel the cold easily and would like to keep things particularly toasty in the winter, a thick curtain in front of the patio doors at night will help to keep the heat in.

Local patio door companies – Will Patio Doors Suit my Garden?

Despite the name, patio doors don’t have to offer access directly onto a patio, usually defined as a paved area in the garden where families often dine or socialise together. While stepping out of your house and straight onto a patio area is lovely, patio doors are also suitable for different styles of garden. You might have lawn running right up to your house, offering a green view and soft surface when stepping out of those sliding doors. If you like the idea of making more of a feature next to your house but don’t want a patio, you could consider an area of decking to mark the transition between house and garden.

Whatever surface you’re stepping out onto, we can offer recommendations about styles of patio doors to suit your home. Our doors are available with either two, three or four door panels, meaning that larger properties can benefit from the wow factor of a four-panel door to fit a longer wall. Despite being uneven, a three-panel sliding door still has a stylish, symmetrical look, rather like a triptych or a bay window. Whatever size your property, we can find a patio door to suit it.

Looking After Your Patio Doors

While traditional patio doors had timber frames which required a lot of care to stop them from rotting and warping, uPVC frames are low maintenance, making them a great addition to the modern home. However, uPVC frames do need some looking after, the level of which will depend on the type of area you live in and how quickly dirt builds up, especially on the white frames.

Dust and dirt can build up on the runners, especially if you like to leave the doors open to let in some air in the summer. To clean the runners, slide the door open and use the nozzle attachment on your hoover to suck up any dust. If a large build-up of dust collects on the runners, it could damage the sliding function and make them difficult to open. You can also use a soft brush attachment to give a quick hoover around the rest of the frame to remove any loose dust or dirt.

For washing the frames, use warm water and a mild detergent, applied with a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and finish with a dry cloth. Cleaning regularly will deter mould, but if this does occur, you can wash with a vinegar cleaning solution and rinse. The white colour of the uPVC will keep well for many years, but it does discolour over time to a yellow hue. If this happens, don’t attempt to clean with bleach as it will make the discolouration worse – this is just what happens to uPVC and will eventually have to be replaced. Use glass cleaner only on the glass panes, not the frames, and use a microfibre cloth for a streak-free application.

For further reading on our patio doors and to obtain a FREE quote visit our patio door page.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory in Plymouth, Devon and the Cornwall regions?

The question of whether or not you need planning permission for a conservatory is one we hear all the time. Despite the big impact a conservatory can make on your home, it doesn’t have to be a big undertaking with endless paperwork. Read on to learn more about whether or not you’ll need to apply for planning permission for a conservatory when extending your home.

Conservatory planning permissionYes or No?

The question of whether or not you need planning permission to add a conservatory to your home is not a cut and dried affair. There are certain conditions which need to be met which exempt you from planning permission, and other circumstances that can contribute to your individual build plans. In a nutshell, the answer is usually no, you don’t need planning permission for a conservatory. However, it’s important that you check all the rules and regulations, and remember that there are circumstances in which you will need to apply.

Permitted Development Rights

Like any other extension to your home, a conservatory can’t be added without first checking rules and regulations. If your plans comply with your permitted development rights (the right you have to make changes to your home without applying for permission), you can add a conservatory without applying for planning permission. Exceeding the limitations set down in these rights means that you might need to apply for planning permission. Note that these regulations only apply to houses – they don’t apply to flats, listed buildings, or converted houses.


Whatever type of extension you’re having, there are certain rules that must be adhered to. Here are the rules relating to what you’re permitted when planning a conservatory or other extension, without applying for planning permission:

  • The addition can’t include verandas or balconies of any sort.
  • The height of the extension can’t exceed the height of the existing roof of the house.
  • The addition can’t make changes to the existing roof of the house.
  • The exterior of the addition can’t be covered in cladding.
  • No chimney can be added to the extension.
  • Only half the area which surrounds the original house can be covered with extensions or other buildings, and if the work adds 100 square metres of floor space to the original property, it might also be liable for a charge under the Community Infrastructure Levy.
  • Side extensions can only be a single storey, up to four meters in height, and not exceeding half the width of the original house (original is defined as the official size when the property was first built, or if the house was built before 1948, then the measurements as it stood on 1st July 1948.)

Types of Conservatory from StormSeal SW

In Plymouth and surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall, StormSeal SW is a top choice when it comes to building your conservatory or updating an old model with a new Guardian Warm Roof. We’ve been fitting high spec conservatories since 1998, and are able to answer all your questions relating to whether your build will require planning permission or not. Our extensive range of conservatories offers you a choice of styles to pick something that will really complement and fit in with your home. Check out our conservatory page here, StormSeal Conservatories.

Victorian Conservatory – A classical look with a rounded end appearance and bay front, a Victorian Conservatory is perfect for small additions to your home as well as bespoke larger builds. You can choose whether to have your door at the side of the bay or opening in the front, whichever will give you the best use of space. The optional lantern roof looks particularly stylish on larger extensions.

Edwardian Conservatory – The same classical style as Victorian conservatories, but with a simple, rectangular footprint. The practical layout makes the Edwardian Conservatory a useable space regardless of what you want to use it for – the flat gable end, the clean geometric lines and the modern interior lend itself to a versatile functionality. With the Edwardian, there is a choice concerning where you’d like your door, so think about which aspect of your garden you’d like to step out into, and how your furniture will fit around the placement of the door.

Traditional Roof Conservatory – If you’d like a conservatory with a traditional roof rather than one featuring glass panels, this style will add additional shade on sunny days and protection from the elements. The energy efficient climate control of traditional roof conservatories makes them hugely popular, and the solid roof brings not just welcome cool on warm summer days, but also warmth in winter, making your extension a useable extra room throughout the year.

Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory – While it looks similar to a traditional roof conservatory, this product (which uses the top of the range Guardian Warm Roof technology) will give you the best results in terms of thermal efficiency and durability. Lightweight yet strong, the Guardian Warm Roof is the best comfort on the market for a great value price. With a variety of style to suit your design preferences, this is a conservatory that will really turn heads.

Lean To Conservatory – This model of conservatory works particularly well with bungalows, but the Lean To (also known as the Mediterranean or Sun Room style) can work with any sort of property. The simple roof style gives you flexibility in choosing the size and style of your conservatory.

Special Conservatories – Can’t find what you’re looking for? We also offer a bespoke service, designing one-of-a-kind extensions to suit your property. If a plain rectangle doesn’t suit your needs, we can cater for designs in L-shape, T-shape and P-shape, yielding spaces that wrap around your property to utilize sunshine throughout the day and make a real statement in your garden. Whatever your plans, we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations and deliver that conservatory you’ve been dreaming about.

Guardian Warm Roof

Replace Your Conservatory Roof with a Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes and can look vastly different depending on the style they were designed in. With advances in modern building technologies, older conservatories can look dated in a matter of years, as well as being less cost-effective and energy-efficient as many newer models. If your conservatory is looking a bit tired, updating to a modern roof could be the face lift it’s looking for. Read on to discover the benefits of updating to a Guardian Warm Roof. Or check out our dedicated page Guardian Warm Roof Solutions.

Check out our video before reading on:

Why Update Your Conservatory Roof with a Guardian Warm Roof?

If your current conservatory is fitted with a conventional polycarbonate or glass roof, you might have experienced a few problems with it over the years, particularly if the conservatory was built a while ago. These older roof styles are susceptible to wear and tear that can hinder your use of the room. Joints in the roof design can sometimes let in leaks, particularly during periods of stormy weather. Polycarbonate roofing can be dented or punctured in heavy hailstorms, leaving unsightly marks or damage that needs repair work. Because conservatories usually have shallow slab foundations, they can be susceptible to ground movement which can cause cracks and other problems in the roofing. If you’ve experienced any of these issues, or are concerned about how much longer your conservatory roof will last, it might be time to switch to a more durable option.

What is a Guardian Warm Roof?

The perfect replacement for an old, ‘light’ roof on your conservatory, the Guardian Warm Roof will transform your conservatory into a more liveable space. Traditional glass or polycarbonate roofing meant that conservatories could only be made the most of during the summer months. The poor insulation that comes with this type of roofing meant that conservatories were too cold to spend much time in when the weather got cooler. A Guardian Warm Roof has revolutionised conservatory usage, making it possible to use your conservatory year-round, without feeling the cold. As well as being warm in the winter, this type of roofing makes the space cool in the summer, allowing you to enjoy the best of the space whatever the season.

Better Appearance with a Guardian Warm Roof

The ‘solid’ appearance of the Guardian Warm Roof will make your conservatory look like a ‘real’ addition to the house, rather than just an add-on. Transforming your space from an occasional room to an extension of the entire property, with a Guardian Warm Roof on your conservatory you really do gain an extra room to your house, not just a summer room that sits dormant through the winter. The solid roof style means that sunshine streaming into the room on hot, bright days is reduced, and so is the excess heat and humidity that comes with it. Enjoy the cooling shade during the summer while still soaking up the sunshine, and look into optional FAKRO roof windows in the roof itself if you crave that bit of extra light. With a plastered or a timber/PVC-u cladding finish on the roof interior, wave goodbye to the days of glancing up to the grubby glass panes of your conservatory roof which are easily streaked by rainwater or speckled with dirt.

Better Insulated with a Guardian Warm Roof

Can you imagine sitting in your conservatory and feeling warm and cosy on a winter’s day, even when it’s snowing outside? For those with a Guardian Warm Roof on their conservatory this is the reality, making it the perfect setting to enjoy a family meal on Christmas Day or for a New Year’s Party. The exceptional quality insulation in the design of this new roofing makes it possible to enjoy the space on even the coldest of days. This is achieved through top-of-the-range materials and our unique design. Because of the excellent thermal efficiency present in the Guardian Warm Roof and the U-value of 0.18, you will notice a reduction in your energy costs, too, even though the space is warmer than it was before.

Making the Switch

Replacing your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof isn’t a major undertaking – the work can be completed in just a few days, with no need to make alterations to the existing structure, or the fixtures and fittings such as door frames and windows. Lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian, Gable End and Combination design conservatories can all be adapted to feature a Guardian Warm Roof. See the benefits here:

After removing the entire existing roof, we fit the new rafters to the ventilated ring beam. Structural weatherproof plyboard is topped with the Guardian breathable waterproof membrane, finished with a weather tight tile of your choice from five stunning colours. On the interior, two layers of high-performance insulation, totaling 125mm in thickness, are installed before the plasterboard finish. Finishing touches such as roof windows and concealed lighting can be added to make the design bespoke to your specifications. Despite weighing less than an original glass roof, the Guardian Warm Roof is stronger and more durable, guaranteeing a desirable space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Conservatory Companies Near Me

conservatory companies plymouthHave you done a Google search and looked for “Conservatory companies near me”? Well look no further, at Stormseal SW we have everything you need.

Why Stormseal Conservatories are the Best Year-Round Purchase

Have you ever considered getting a conservatory but not been sure that it’s quite right for you? Perhaps you’ve seen examples of conservatories in your neighbourhood that look cheap and tacky, and like they take a lot of upkeep? If you like the idea of a conservatory but want something that looks truly professional, check out what Stormseal can offer you. We’ve been installing a range of attractive products in the Plymouth area since 1998, and our business is still expanding, with the majority of our new business coming from direct recommendations. We want to show you that a conservatory is the perfect addition to your house, not just an add-on that’s forgotten about for half the year. Check out our main conservatory page here:

Not Just for Summer (conservatory companies near me)

You might have friends who get great use out of their conservatory during the warm summer months, but then it stays empty and unused throughout the winter. However, don’t let that put you off. With a properly insulated conservatory built from top of the range materials, it will be a versatile room that you can use throughout the year.

Seasonal Benefits

We typically think of using our conservatories during the summer, and it’s undeniable that the benefits of having a garden room at this time of year are unmissable. With rising temperatures, you can escape the heat of your garden in the cool of your new conservatory. We offer a range of models that come with stylish blinds and other features that shade you from the glare. Enjoy the breeze through open windows and doors without the risk of sunburn, and enjoy the best of your garden whatever the weather.

Our versatile range of products features conservatory models which can be utilized throughout the year. Winter is no longer the season when conservatories are neglected, and with a Guardian™ Solid Roof in the design you’ll be sure to keep cosy even in colder weather. The warm roof technology has exceptional thermal qualities that ensures your conservatory is usable throughout the year. The improved insulation has the added bonus of reducing energy costs, and the solid roof has an attractive appearance compared against traditional polycarbonate roofing.

Another Room to Your Home

The conservatory isn’t just a glorified greenhouse where you can grow plants in the warmer temperature and do a spot of gardening – it’s a multi-purpose room with so much to offer. Furnish your conservatory with comfortable sofas and armchairs to use it as a snug or second reception room. A large table with chairs will make it the perfect dinner party setting to eat beneath the stars. Fresh air and natural light are hugely important for learning and concentration, so whether you use the conservatory as an office room or a space for kids to get on with homework, everyone can benefit from what the extra space has to offer.

A Long-Term Investment (conservatory companies near me)

If you’ve been thinking about your position on the property ladder, either with a view to improving your home for your own enjoyment or adding value to the property, getting a conservatory is a great move. House hunters love those little added extras that they weren’t expecting, and finding that your dream house also comes with a new conservatory will certainly increase the value. We are also expert suppliers and fitters of the Ultraframe colution,

Even if you’re not looking at selling up any time soon, increasing the value of your property is never a bad thing. Whether you’ve been living in the same place for a few years and are starting to get bored of the layout, or you’ve got itchy feet and just feel like a change, adding a conservatory will bring fresh life into your household. Home is where the heart is, and you’ll certainly get more enjoyment out of your home life with another room to spend time in while you do your favorite hobbies.

Social Occasions – Conservatory Companies Near Me

A conservatory doesn’t just transform a home for those who live there, but also your regular visitors who will benefit from the addition. If you have a growing family and struggle to accommodate all your guests, a conservatory fitted with futons or fold-out sofa beds makes the perfect place for guests to stay. If your dining room can feel cramped with more than a few around the table, level up your dinner parties in a purpose-built socialising room. Many people use their conservatories for special days throughout the year, from family meals on Christmas Day and birthdays to surprise parties and special celebrations.

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Whether you’ve always been green fingered or are hoping to embrace a new hobby, your conservatory is the perfect place to foster a love of gardening. In the winter months, many plants that wouldn’t survive the cold weather outside can thrive in a conservatory. In spring, start sowing seeds early in your conservatory and get ahead for the summer planting – you’ll have a host of seedlings ready to go by the time the weather has warmed up. Keep your precious plants safe from pests that would usually be on the attack if out in the open.

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The important thing to remember about Stormseal conservatories is that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ product on offer. Our range is extensive, from traditional looks to stylish modern garden rooms, using a variety of materials. Pick a look that will go with the rest of your house, whether that’s a Victorian conservatory with an attractive bay front, an Edwardian style conservatory with a flat gable end, a traditional lean-to that makes the most of limited space on offer, or a bespoke style to fit in with your home.

So, there is no need to do a Google search and look for “Conservatory companies near me.” Stormseal SW has everything you need.  Take a look at our range here and you’ll be impressed by what we can offer.

Ultraframe Loggia Glazed Extension

Loggia conservatories have become renowned for their exceptional thermal efficiency and have become a ‘go-to’ component for all sorts of home extension projects, not just those inspired Italian design. Most builders, architects and installers refer to Loggia Columns as super-insulated columns today, which reflects their role as a versatile, technologically advanced building product.


Our Loggia Columns will add a vital touch of style to your new room. Whether you’ve been investigating conservatories, orangeries or house extensions, you’ll benefit from a stand-out design and improved thermal efficiency when you add Loggia Columns into your design plans. The timeless appearance of our Loggia conservatories – which are each combined with modern, cutting-edge technology – means that they blend in seamlessly with almost any age or style of property, while also delivering outstanding performance across a range of essential criteria.


One of the appeals of our Loggia conservatories, orangeries and extensions is that they are easy to fit – much easier, in fact, than a brick pier of the same dimensions. Each column is pre-fabricated, so that minimal assembly and arrangement is required on site, while also precluding the need for messy and noising cutting on site.

Loggia conservatories also provide superb levels of thermal efficiency. Compared to a brick pier of the same size, your newly fitted loggia will provide heat retention levels that are five times higher. Because of this, your new room will be comfortable year-round, and will produce a low U-value that reflects its ability to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your heating costs.


Your Loggia extension can be bespoke designed to ensure it complements the design choices you’ve made elsewhere in your home and new room space. Your Ultra Installer will talk you through the benefits of choosing aluminium cladded panels, which come in a choice of five colours and can be completed using a fluted or flat design.

If you want to personalise the appearance of your loggia further, select your preferred shade from our library of RAL colours. You can use this effect to support or contrast with your existing window frames – it’s your choice.

Window And Patio Doors Installation in Plymouth Thank You

“Dear Mr Murphy

Your company fitted new windows and patio doors into my house in March this year. I wanted to write and say how pleased i am with them! The windows have made a huge difference to the house, both for warmth and noise levels and they look really professional.

I also wanted to write to express my gratitude for how well i was treated by Stormseal, firstly by Darren that i first dealt with and also by the fitters who were professional and fast and did a really good job, i couldn’t fault them.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends when they have enquired about the windows and will continue to do so in the future. “