Patio door companies in Plymouth

Patio door companies

Patio Door Companies in Plymouth

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful garden to enjoy, the best way to make the most of it is by improving the access to your garden directly from your house. Stepping out into a glorious, sunny space can be a let-down if you have to navigate old doors that stick when you try to open them, or where doors have been installed without the right consideration for different levels. Improve the outlook into your garden and the access into it by upgrading to some Stormseal SW patio doors, transforming the space with one simple feature. We are proud and confident to say we are one of the most experienced and established patio door companies in Devon and Cornwall.

Patio door companies in Plymouth and Devon


Benefits of Patio Doors

There are numerous patio door companies and types of doors that you can install to bridge the gap between house and garden and there are numerous patio door companies to choose from. Traditional wooden doors don’t offer much of an outlook, and French doors or bi-folding doors can be tricky to fit in tight spaces, where the swing of the door might impact furniture in the home or garden. One of the biggest benefits of the patio door is the sliding technology that allows you to open and close the doors without having to rearrange the furniture. At Stormseal SW we also offer Bi-fold doors, composite doors, French doors and Residential doors. More information see or doors section. Want some inspiration for your patio? Check this out, click here.

The smooth sliding mechanism makes for easy operation without any clunking sounds. Another benefit of the sliding door is that the surrounding frame is slimmer than those needed for French or bi-folding doors, meaning that you get even more sunlight pouring in through those huge panes of glass. The interlocking door panels mean that you won’t get draughts coming through cracks on windy days, and when the doors are open, they won’t swing about in a breeze either.

Are Patio Doors Safe?

People are sometimes concerned that patio doors pose a security risk to your house, as they give onlookers a large window into your home. Not only that, but a flimsy or poorly installed patio door might look like they’re easy to break into. At Stormseal SW, we are simply one of those patio door companies that put you first. We want to assure you that our patio doors are built with an anti-jacking system and four-point hook lock, offering our customers superior safety and peace of mind. All the patio doors we supply are covered by our 10-year guarantee, so you can rest assured that this is a product which will provide quality for years to come.

If you’re concerned about the view into your home being exposed by installing large doors, you could consider fitting curtains or blinds inside your home to shield the view from onlookers. The reinforced uPVC frames of the patio doors give superb weather protection and heat conservation for your home, but if you feel the cold easily and would like to keep things particularly toasty in the winter, a thick curtain in front of the patio doors at night will help to keep the heat in.

Local patio door companies – Will Patio Doors Suit my Garden?

Despite the name, patio doors don’t have to offer access directly onto a patio, usually defined as a paved area in the garden where families often dine or socialise together. While stepping out of your house and straight onto a patio area is lovely, patio doors are also suitable for different styles of garden. You might have lawn running right up to your house, offering a green view and soft surface when stepping out of those sliding doors. If you like the idea of making more of a feature next to your house but don’t want a patio, you could consider an area of decking to mark the transition between house and garden.

Whatever surface you’re stepping out onto, we can offer recommendations about styles of patio doors to suit your home. Our doors are available with either two, three or four door panels, meaning that larger properties can benefit from the wow factor of a four-panel door to fit a longer wall. Despite being uneven, a three-panel sliding door still has a stylish, symmetrical look, rather like a triptych or a bay window. Whatever size your property, we can find a patio door to suit it.

Looking After Your Patio Doors

While traditional patio doors had timber frames which required a lot of care to stop them from rotting and warping, uPVC frames are low maintenance, making them a great addition to the modern home. However, uPVC frames do need some looking after, the level of which will depend on the type of area you live in and how quickly dirt builds up, especially on the white frames.

Dust and dirt can build up on the runners, especially if you like to leave the doors open to let in some air in the summer. To clean the runners, slide the door open and use the nozzle attachment on your hoover to suck up any dust. If a large build-up of dust collects on the runners, it could damage the sliding function and make them difficult to open. You can also use a soft brush attachment to give a quick hoover around the rest of the frame to remove any loose dust or dirt.

For washing the frames, use warm water and a mild detergent, applied with a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and finish with a dry cloth. Cleaning regularly will deter mould, but if this does occur, you can wash with a vinegar cleaning solution and rinse. The white colour of the uPVC will keep well for many years, but it does discolour over time to a yellow hue. If this happens, don’t attempt to clean with bleach as it will make the discolouration worse – this is just what happens to uPVC and will eventually have to be replaced. Use glass cleaner only on the glass panes, not the frames, and use a microfibre cloth for a streak-free application.

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