Double Glazing in Plymouth

Stormseal South West has plenty of experience supplying and fitting high-quality uPVC double glazed windows to homes in Plymouth and surrounding areas throughout Devon and Cornwall.

uPVC double glazed windows can not only transform the look of (and add value to) your home, they can also help you save money by making your home more energy efficient and have the added bonus of making your home more secure against intruders.

Benefits of double glazing

As a company with many years’ experience supplying and fitting high-quality double glazed windows on residential properties throughout Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, the double glazing specialists at Stormseal South West have received many enquiries from local residents about double glazing and the benefits it provides.

If you have any questions about double glazing, the double glazed windows we supply and install, which of our double glazed windows best suits your home – casement uPVC, sliding sash, tilt & turn, etc. – our new ‘A’ rated energy-efficient window system or the costs involved, please give us a call.

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Double Glazing – What Is It Exactly?

uPVC Windows

Double glazing is essentially insulated glazing (IG), a term that many homeowners are probably unfamiliar with since it isn’t used very often. Double glazed windows are windows comprised of two panes of glass within the same frame with a gap between the panes – 6mm to 20mm wide – that can filled with air or a special gas like argon.

Although a relatively new technology, double glazing follows on from previous window technologies such as storm windows, which were mounted either internally or externally and function in a similar way to insulated glazing, and to a lesser extent, sash windows which were prominently found in Georgian and Victorian houses.

Double glazed windows are now a common sight and double glazing can be used on a wide variety of windows. These include awning, casement, sliding and a wide range of other window varieties, with the window frame housing the double glazing made from materials such as a variety of timbers, along with PVC or aluminium.

The Advantages of Double Glazing for Homeowners

There are quite a few reasons why double glazing has proven so popular among homeowners, most notably its energy-efficient properties. Because double glazed windows are so effectively insulated, it makes it very difficult for the heat or the cold to travel through them and enter the interior of the home.

This keeps homes cool in summer and warm in winter, thus reducing the need for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter which lowers energy bills. Along with improved energy-efficiency which equates to reduced energy bills, other advantages associated with double glazing – windows, doors, conservatories, etc. – include:

  • Noise Reduction

Double glazing works wonders at keeping the noise out. Whether you live in a busy street, find it hard to sleep with noises in the night emanating from outside, or simply yearn for more peace and quiet at home, you’ll find that having double glazed windows installed effectively reduces external noise and makes your home quieter.

  • Enhanced Comfort

Double glazed windows can also aid you in eliminating cold spots and draughts in your home. To best achieve this, you should not only have double glazed windows installed, but also seal up all the leaks around your home that allow cold air to enter. This will help you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature at all times.

  • Reduced Condensation

Condensation build-up doesn’t affect all homes adversely. However, homeowners whose homes are frequently affected by a build-up of condensation should take note that double glazed windows can have a miraculous effect on condensation build-up. This will help them to keep their windows clear and their homes free of mould.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

A huge plus in this day and age, you’ll be using up far less energy when you upgrade your home to double glazing, meaning a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

These are excellent advantages that all homeowners should sit up and take notice of, particularly the point made about reducing condensation build-up so as to keep homes free of mould.

Mould, and dampness in any form, can have a negative effect on human health, most notably bringing about or aggravating allergies, asthma and respiratory infections. Babies, young children and the elderly are most at risk, but anyone, even those with a strong immune system, can be affected negatively.

Energy-Efficient Double Glazing – What Makes a Great Window?

As with any product on the market today, not all double glazed windows are created equal, with some more windows delivering more energy-efficiency than others. All windows are now clearly labelled with a grading by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) from A+ to G, with A+ being the most energy efficient.

As a proud member of the VEKA Network, along with superior energy-efficiency all our double glazed windows are covered by our 10-year guarantee for assurances of quality and value for money. On top of those important considerations, what other properties combine to make the most energy-efficient double glazed windows?

  • Quality

Double glazed windows of a high-quality are naturally going to be the most energy-efficient because they’re manufactured using premium materials and they’re built to last. This means they’ll provide the home with proper insulation for many years to come and they will also incur minimal costs with regard to repairs and maintenance.

  • Gap Width

The wider the gap between the two window panes, the more effective the insulation properties of the double glazed windows. Gaps can be anywhere between 6mm to 20mm in width, with 12mm considered to be the optimum width for most properties in the UK. Ask our double glazing experts what gap size they advise for your home.

  • Gap Filling

Double glazed windows that are filled with gas tend to be much more effective at preventing the heat and cold entering homes. Inert gases like argon, krypton or xenon can be used, with argon the most commonly used of the three due to its low thermal conductivity. Argon boasts 34% lower thermal conductivity than air.

Along with choosing the right gap size and gap filling when having double glazed windows fitted on your home, it’s also important that you have your new windows expertly installed by double glazing specialists. Stormseal SW has specialised in supplying and installing double glazed windows since our establishment in 1998.

As a result, you’re assured of quality at every turn when our double glazing experts install new double glazed windows on your property, lowering your energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and keeping your home comfortable all year round.

Costs of double glazing

How much does double glazing cost? It’s difficult to give one definitive answer. Every property is different and has a different number of doors and windows. Plus, when you choose to install double glazing, you have a host of options to choose from which will have an impact on the price.

Talk to us

The best thing to do is to ask us. We can help you choose options that suit you and your budget down to the ground. At Stormseal South West, we’ve installed hundreds of double-glazed windows in Plymouth, and plenty more throughout Devon and Cornwall. So we promise to only deliver the best, most impartial advice.

With our wide range of styles and finishes, Stormseal South West can supply and fit the perfect windows to suit your home and budget.

Call us on 01752 696989 or contact us via e-mail to discuss your double glazing requirements.