Guardian Warm Roof

Guardian Warm Roof

Replace Your Conservatory Roof with a Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes and can look vastly different depending on the style they were designed in. With advances in modern building technologies, older conservatories can look dated in a matter of years, as well as being less cost-effective and energy-efficient as many newer models. If your conservatory is looking a bit tired, updating to a modern roof could be the face lift it’s looking for. Read on to discover the benefits of updating to a Guardian Warm Roof. Or check out our dedicated page Guardian Warm Roof Solutions.

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Why Update Your Conservatory Roof with a Guardian Warm Roof?

If your current conservatory is fitted with a conventional polycarbonate or glass roof, you might have experienced a few problems with it over the years, particularly if the conservatory was built a while ago. These older roof styles are susceptible to wear and tear that can hinder your use of the room. Joints in the roof design can sometimes let in leaks, particularly during periods of stormy weather. Polycarbonate roofing can be dented or punctured in heavy hailstorms, leaving unsightly marks or damage that needs repair work. Because conservatories usually have shallow slab foundations, they can be susceptible to ground movement which can cause cracks and other problems in the roofing. If you’ve experienced any of these issues, or are concerned about how much longer your conservatory roof will last, it might be time to switch to a more durable option.

What is a Guardian Warm Roof?

The perfect replacement for an old, ‘light’ roof on your conservatory, the Guardian Warm Roof will transform your conservatory into a more liveable space. Traditional glass or polycarbonate roofing meant that conservatories could only be made the most of during the summer months. The poor insulation that comes with this type of roofing meant that conservatories were too cold to spend much time in when the weather got cooler. A Guardian Warm Roof has revolutionised conservatory usage, making it possible to use your conservatory year-round, without feeling the cold. As well as being warm in the winter, this type of roofing makes the space cool in the summer, allowing you to enjoy the best of the space whatever the season.

Better Appearance with a Guardian Warm Roof

The ‘solid’ appearance of the Guardian Warm Roof will make your conservatory look like a ‘real’ addition to the house, rather than just an add-on. Transforming your space from an occasional room to an extension of the entire property, with a Guardian Warm Roof on your conservatory you really do gain an extra room to your house, not just a summer room that sits dormant through the winter. The solid roof style means that sunshine streaming into the room on hot, bright days is reduced, and so is the excess heat and humidity that comes with it. Enjoy the cooling shade during the summer while still soaking up the sunshine, and look into optional FAKRO roof windows in the roof itself if you crave that bit of extra light. With a plastered or a timber/PVC-u cladding finish on the roof interior, wave goodbye to the days of glancing up to the grubby glass panes of your conservatory roof which are easily streaked by rainwater or speckled with dirt.

Better Insulated with a Guardian Warm Roof

Can you imagine sitting in your conservatory and feeling warm and cosy on a winter’s day, even when it’s snowing outside? For those with a Guardian Warm Roof on their conservatory this is the reality, making it the perfect setting to enjoy a family meal on Christmas Day or for a New Year’s Party. The exceptional quality insulation in the design of this new roofing makes it possible to enjoy the space on even the coldest of days. This is achieved through top-of-the-range materials and our unique design. Because of the excellent thermal efficiency present in the Guardian Warm Roof and the U-value of 0.18, you will notice a reduction in your energy costs, too, even though the space is warmer than it was before.

Making the Switch

Replacing your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof isn’t a major undertaking – the work can be completed in just a few days, with no need to make alterations to the existing structure, or the fixtures and fittings such as door frames and windows. Lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian, Gable End and Combination design conservatories can all be adapted to feature a Guardian Warm Roof. See the benefits here:

After removing the entire existing roof, we fit the new rafters to the ventilated ring beam. Structural weatherproof plyboard is topped with the Guardian breathable waterproof membrane, finished with a weather tight tile of your choice from five stunning colours. On the interior, two layers of high-performance insulation, totaling 125mm in thickness, are installed before the plasterboard finish. Finishing touches such as roof windows and concealed lighting can be added to make the design bespoke to your specifications. Despite weighing less than an original glass roof, the Guardian Warm Roof is stronger and more durable, guaranteeing a desirable space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.