Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory in Plymouth, Devon and the Cornwall regions?

The question of whether or not you need planning permission for a conservatory is one we hear all the time. Despite the big impact a conservatory can make on your home, it doesn’t have to be a big undertaking with endless paperwork. Read on to learn more about whether or not you’ll need to apply for planning permission for a conservatory when extending your home.

Conservatory planning permissionYes or No?

The question of whether or not you need planning permission to add a conservatory to your home is not a cut and dried affair. There are certain conditions which need to be met which exempt you from planning permission, and other circumstances that can contribute to your individual build plans. In a nutshell, the answer is usually no, you don’t need planning permission for a conservatory. However, it’s important that you check all the rules and regulations, and remember that there are circumstances in which you will need to apply.

Permitted Development Rights

Like any other extension to your home, a conservatory can’t be added without first checking rules and regulations. If your plans comply with your permitted development rights (the right you have to make changes to your home without applying for permission), you can add a conservatory without applying for planning permission. Exceeding the limitations set down in these rights means that you might need to apply for planning permission. Note that these regulations only apply to houses – they don’t apply to flats, listed buildings, or converted houses.


Whatever type of extension you’re having, there are certain rules that must be adhered to. Here are the rules relating to what you’re permitted when planning a conservatory or other extension, without applying for planning permission:

  • The addition can’t include verandas or balconies of any sort.
  • The height of the extension can’t exceed the height of the existing roof of the house.
  • The addition can’t make changes to the existing roof of the house.
  • The exterior of the addition can’t be covered in cladding.
  • No chimney can be added to the extension.
  • Only half the area which surrounds the original house can be covered with extensions or other buildings, and if the work adds 100 square metres of floor space to the original property, it might also be liable for a charge under the Community Infrastructure Levy.
  • Side extensions can only be a single storey, up to four meters in height, and not exceeding half the width of the original house (original is defined as the official size when the property was first built, or if the house was built before 1948, then the measurements as it stood on 1st July 1948.)

Types of Conservatory from StormSeal SW

In Plymouth and surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall, StormSeal SW is a top choice when it comes to building your conservatory or updating an old model with a new Guardian Warm Roof. We’ve been fitting high spec conservatories since 1998, and are able to answer all your questions relating to whether your build will require planning permission or not. Our extensive range of conservatories offers you a choice of styles to pick something that will really complement and fit in with your home. Check out our conservatory page here, StormSeal Conservatories.

Victorian Conservatory – A classical look with a rounded end appearance and bay front, a Victorian Conservatory is perfect for small additions to your home as well as bespoke larger builds. You can choose whether to have your door at the side of the bay or opening in the front, whichever will give you the best use of space. The optional lantern roof looks particularly stylish on larger extensions.

Edwardian Conservatory – The same classical style as Victorian conservatories, but with a simple, rectangular footprint. The practical layout makes the Edwardian Conservatory a useable space regardless of what you want to use it for – the flat gable end, the clean geometric lines and the modern interior lend itself to a versatile functionality. With the Edwardian, there is a choice concerning where you’d like your door, so think about which aspect of your garden you’d like to step out into, and how your furniture will fit around the placement of the door.

Traditional Roof Conservatory – If you’d like a conservatory with a traditional roof rather than one featuring glass panels, this style will add additional shade on sunny days and protection from the elements. The energy efficient climate control of traditional roof conservatories makes them hugely popular, and the solid roof brings not just welcome cool on warm summer days, but also warmth in winter, making your extension a useable extra room throughout the year.

Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory – While it looks similar to a traditional roof conservatory, this product (which uses the top of the range Guardian Warm Roof technology) will give you the best results in terms of thermal efficiency and durability. Lightweight yet strong, the Guardian Warm Roof is the best comfort on the market for a great value price. With a variety of style to suit your design preferences, this is a conservatory that will really turn heads.

Lean To Conservatory – This model of conservatory works particularly well with bungalows, but the Lean To (also known as the Mediterranean or Sun Room style) can work with any sort of property. The simple roof style gives you flexibility in choosing the size and style of your conservatory.

Special Conservatories – Can’t find what you’re looking for? We also offer a bespoke service, designing one-of-a-kind extensions to suit your property. If a plain rectangle doesn’t suit your needs, we can cater for designs in L-shape, T-shape and P-shape, yielding spaces that wrap around your property to utilize sunshine throughout the day and make a real statement in your garden. Whatever your plans, we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations and deliver that conservatory you’ve been dreaming about.